Our mission would be nothing without results. We believe in what we do! We have a strong mission, we have strong values, but we ALSO have strong results. Please take a look what our families are saying about us.


Here’s what Iga’s mom had to say:

“Iga loves doing new things such as projects with her friends. She loves to dance and sing songs. I see her singing new songs after she comes home almost every afternoon. She wakes up with a big smile on her face and she can’t wait until she goes to Pre-K. She’s shy because she speaks little English, but now I see big progress. She talks about all her friends with huge enthusiasm!”

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Ethan & Ayden

Here’s what Ethan’s and Ayden’s Mom had to say:

“Ethan has learned so much, especially penmanship- writing. He has also learned a lot of structure. Ayden is all over the place at home, but now he can sit down in place, and he can focus. I watched Ayden sit down and write all his letters one Sunday. My children are learning so much in this program!”

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Here’s what Jace’s mom had to say:

“My son, Jace, has been attending Wee Wons for the past four years. Wee Wons has taught him so much in his time there. He has been taught self-esteem, independence, how to build relationships with his peers, and it was done in a great academic environment. They have accommodated our needs and requests , and as a result we have seen improvement on his behaviors at home. Wee Wons will definitely help Jace as he moves into kindergarten next year. Wee Wons sets a schedule and routine throughout the day, they have an excellent curriculum, and they support his education. The caring and friendly staff have been accommodating to us every step of the way!”

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photo of a child


Here’s what Serenity’s mom had to say:

“Serenity has been with Wee Wons since she was two years old, and she is now in her second year of Pre-K Counts. She has grown tremendously in such a short period, especially with Covid effecting the school year. Serenity can identify letters along with their sounds. She can also form complete sentences. Serenity speaks so fluently and clearly for her age that it surprises me sometimes! She can point out, and write her name at any given time. Serenity is never afraid to challenge herself, and do more than what is required. She has developed skills to work alone, and with others. When she is home, Serenity reads and writes on her own without being asked .

Serenity is now more excited for school, which is a big change from the beginning. She’s eager to go, and doesn’t want to miss a day. She incorporates a lot of what she learns in school during the day at home. She is always excited to learn more. To be able to see the growth of Serenity within a year is amazing. I believe with this program, the only place to go is up! The kids are being fully prepared for what is ahead. They learn the basics at an early age which is extremely important!”

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Here’s what Gunnar’s mom had to say:

“Gunnar is doing so well in Pre-K! He is making new friends, and learning his letters. Gunnar is more helpful at home, and he is excited to learn new things. I can’t for him to come home and read me a book!”

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Here’s what Jayden’s family had to say:

“Our child has learned so much from Wee Wons. He is confident in his writing, counting, and reciting the alphabet. He has been better at communicating his needs and wants to us. We believe the Pre-K Counts program will benefit our child by preparing him for kindergarten and giving him a jumpstart to his future academic years!”

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Here’s what Ian’s family had to say:

“While at Wee Wons Ian learned important social skills like working with others his age, and sharing. The activity based learning will help Ian as he moves into kindergarten with a larger classroom. Social skills are part of everyday life, and developing them early in life will be an added benefit for Ian as he grows and matures. We cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of Ian!”

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photo of boy

Michael (MJ)

Here’s what Mj’s family had to say:

“Michael has learned so much since he started Pre-K Counts this past August! He sings his months of the year, days of the week, and other nursery rhymes he learns! We have seen such an improvement in him with socialization, making new friends, and his overall demeanor. He has learned more letters, numbers, and he is currently learning how to use scissors appropriately! I absolutely love the program, and I’m so excited to see what he learns in the future. Getting him ready for kindergarten, although he has time, is such a huge task. I know that I can trust the staff at Wee Wons to get him to where he needs to be! ( : ”

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Here’s what Aaliyah’s family had to say:

“Aaliyah has learned letter recognition since the time she has started Pre-k Counts. She has developed leadership skills, she loves going to school to learn and play with her new friends! Aaliyah loves learning at school. She comes home and shares all her knowledge with her little sister. Aaliyah is also very independent and self-sufficient when given a task. This program is helping teach my daughter to be the best she can be. She aspires to be a judge one day, and this is the first step! ”

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Joshua & Gianna

“Joshua (2yrs old) and Gianna (1yrs old) started Wee Wons in September 2021. Since starting, Joshua’s behavior has improved; He says please and Thank you, knows his colors, and numbers. Gianna is counting to 5, sings her ABCs; she is learning so much since starting in September. We love Wee Wons and their amazing staff and teachers.! ”

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