How to Get Fit with Your Toddler

How can You Get Fit with Your Toddler? 8 Ways to Exercise While Having Fun with Your Little One

Having a toddler can feel a bit crazy, especially if you don’t have the support you need.  I’ve learned that combining tasks will make life easier.  So, what do I mean?  Well, since Mom and Dad need exercise and toddlers certainly need to get fit too, let’s just do it together!  When adults spend their precious time with kids this makes them feel so important and isn’t that how we want them to feel?  Below I have 8 ways to exercise while taking care of your little one too.  They’re fun, exciting and you may not even realize that you’re exercising.  Let’s start when my kids were little!

Getting Fit when Kids are Little

When my kids were little we would pop in my very old (I’m not saying how old) exercise video (VHS by the way) and if I’m being honest, I tried keeping up with them.  Remember Billy Blanks?  Yes, I used to do Tae Bo and my kids loved it when he would go into double time.  That was so much fun because not only did I meet my own fitness needs, but they got to bond with me and it was great for their little bodies as well.  They just want to jump around and giggle which gives us many opportunities to get fit even with our toddlers!

Remember, this is all about bonding, sweating, and having lots of fun!  I’ve went over the first way to get fit so let’s explore the other 7:

Many Fun Ways to Enjoy Fitness Together

The second way is take a fun family walk together,  but not just any old walk.  My son would get since bored easily, especially with his short attention span so we would play I Spy.  We would take turns calling out colors and we’d all have to match an item to that color.  This not only gives the family exercise, but it teaches toddlers colors and makes it fun so it sticks in their little brains easier.  The more you play with them while having fun the more you can teach them.  Kids won’t even realize that they’re learning if you can make them laugh and enjoy it.

The third idea is kind of obvious, but it’s an important one.  Take everyone to a playground or park, especially one with lots of kids.  This not only gets them running and playing but if Mom and Dad get involved you can make up a whole story line. We would pretend we were in a castle and there was a monster trying to get in.  Nothing too scary, just letting them tell the monster to leave with nice words.  They absolutely loved it and the other children would usually get involved.  This will give them a chance to practice appropriate social behaviors.

Moving right along, we get to the fourth way!  Cleaning the house is a great way to get kids involved, plus making it a family affair.  Believe it or not, you can burn up to 200 calories an hour!  Give your little ones some old rags and let them clean the end tables, help vacuum, wash windows, or even clean up their own rooms.  This will also give them a sense of confidence and independence all while exercising!  Heck, put some music on to make it even more fun.

The Fifth idea is for dog owners.  Get the family, take the dog out in the yard and play with a ball.  The dogs will absolutely love chasing it and the kids will enjoy running after the dog!  The adults can get involved by kicking the ball or even running to catch the kids.  This is all dependent on what you want to do.  Change it up and get the hose out or blow bubbles.  Make a game out of anything but make sure Mom and Dad are also participating.

The sixth idea is going to cost a little money so this isn’t for everyone.  I totally understand this because we couldn’t afford this until my kids were a little older.  Trampolines are amazing and can be very safe if you’re careful.  They also make small ones specifically for toddlers if you want to go that way.  This is the most amazing way to get exercise and so much enjoyment!  The kids can practice new tricks and Mom and Dad can try a few of their own.  It builds their muscles and character!

The seventh is to go to a swimming park.  Obviously, this also costs a little money so once again, I understand if this isn’t for everyone.  However, if you live in an apartment and have a swimming pool you can certainly use that too.  Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, not to mention it’s pure entertainment!  While getting that heart rate up you’ll also be laughing and splashing.

Last but not least, a bonus idea (this is one really for the parents!) Yard work is for the entire family and a great way to get fit.  Mom and Dad can do the heavy chores but the kids can definitely help out.  They can help rake leaves or make a pile and jump in.  There are sticks to be picked up, weeds to be pulled, and possibly dog waste to be cleaned up.  All of this makes for happy family bonding time!

Enjoy The Time Now

Your precious toddlers won’t be little for long so please enjoy the time with them now.  No matter what the activity is you can make it fun for everyone.  While getting our bodies fit we can teach our children to be happy, healthy, wonderful human beings.

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