How Does Pre-Kindergarten Prepare Children tor the Future?

To start, let’s specify that Pre-School isn’t exactly the same as Pre-Kindergarten. Many people don’t know that unless they took time to research it.  They learn the same skills, however, they’re learned at varying degrees.  An example would be in Pre-School they may learn how to share and play well with other kids.  In Pre-Kindergarten, they’d learn more in depth on those subjects.  Kids are registered for Pre-K approximately a year or two before entering Kindergarten, which means it’s for 4-5 year olds.  There is so much to learn in Pre-K that helps set them up for success!

When children begin these classes they are breaking away from their parents, which of course, can be scary.  Some kids are better at dealing with this than others, but it’s essentially a skill they all need to learn.  Independence is certainly an important skill set that helps them begin some type of self assurance, even if it’s in a small form.  Pre-K teaches them more than we probably know.  These kids are going to be their first friends, as they learn social skills to help them build and development ongoing relationships.

What Does Pre-Kindergarten Actually Teach?

Pre-Kindergarten classes are the building blocks of every child’s school career.  So, what exactly do they learn?  Well, of course, they learn the beginning stages of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  However, there’s so much more to it than that.  Getting along with others in a group setting, whether they are friends, or not.  Every single day will teach them an important lesson in life.  Not only do they learn about large groups, but also how to deal with small groups of kids.  Who takes over and becomes the leader?  What is your child’s role?  These are some of the lessons they will learn and hopefully figure out in detail. All this to help prepare them for a happy and successful future!

Speaking of details, children will learn counting and pre-math skills.  We all know that this is very important because they need a good math foundation to build on.  If they don’t understand it in the beginning they’ll always be struggling.  They’ll also begin to learn about basic shapes.  Things like triangles, circles, squares, etc.  The crazy thing about shapes is that these will come in handy when learning geometry much later in life!

Pre-Kindergarten also teaches them their alphabet, colors, and sometimes they even learn about the different seasons.  I believe one of the most important skills they will learn about is how to use their imagination and cooperative play.  These are needed on so many levels.  If you don’t learn how to cooperate with others good luck in making in out in this crazy world!  As children play together they find out quite quickly who they like a lot, and who they may like less.  However, hopefully their teacher will show them how to get along with everyone, no matter what. Not everyone has a great background, not every family has the same rules or structure. it’s important that children learn how to deal with a variety of people from different backgrounds.

Children truly are out future which is why we at Wee Wons Daycare & Preschool believe it’s so very important to hire the best of the best when it comes to teachers. They should be getting higher pay and the best company culture for all they do for our kids. from toddlers to Pre-K and beyond, we make sure every child will feel included and that they have a say in what happens during the day. We are molding them to a create world full of of support, love, learning, and inclusion. I mean that’s the world I want to live in- how about you?

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