Creating a Routine for Young Children and the Benefits of Daycare

Creating a Routine for Young Children and the Benefits of Daycare

Children thrive when you put them on a schedule or a daily routine.  This shows up as early as newborns learning when to eat.  They start off by eating when they’re hungry and there is nothing wrong with that.  But, it definitely makes it easier for Mom if you get them on a feeding schedule, especially is they’re breastfeeding.

Next, let’s talk about sleeping.  At first, we let them sleep whenever they want to because, let’s face it, we want as much sleep as we can get with a newborn!  However, if you want your little bundle of joy to sleep on their own, trust me when I tell you to get them on a sleep schedule as quickly as you can!   Otherwise, you’ll be one of those parents that barely gets any sleep as this little one grows.  Not only is this bad for parents, it’s not great for babies either.

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A Routine Is Best

Let’s talk about other routines!  Schedules can make a child feel safe because they know what to expect.  It’s hard for them when things are always changing, which is why getting an infant enrolled into a quality daycare can actually be a great idea.

Most parents these days have to work to be able to live, but unfortunately, many times others make Mom feel bad about that decision.  This is sad since a daycare can help establish great routines for infants, especially if you start the baby early because again, they’ll know exactly what to expect.  There’s no shame when enrolling baby into a quality, educational daycare.

As a matter of fact, teaching our little ones and giving them a head start can benefit all babies.  When an infant is used to a routine they tend to behave better and they’re more secure.  They know what’s going to happen at feeding time, play time, and other routines that you/they have set up.  This system seems to work best when parents are involved and they continue this routine at home.

I’m sure that you know how irritated you feel when your routine is interrupted, right?  Imagine having the same routine every single day since you were born and then all of the sudden everything changes.  Scary, huh?  Now, please don’t get me wrong because at some point and time a schedule is going to get disrupted, however, if you keep their daily tasks the same (as much as possible) then it will be ok.  Plus, you as a parent will have to teach your little ones how to deal with interruptions as they get older.

Exact Benefits of A Daily Schedule In Daycare

  1. Improvement in behavior – When a child is around other children, especially daily, they tend to learn what’s appropriate and what’s not.  This is important for them because they also learn social cues.  Some little ones will behave much better in the company of other little ones.

  2. Stronger Immune System – Children will strengthen their immune system when they’re around others because of, well, to be honest, germs.  It’s actually good for them as long as they’re not compromised in any way.  Once their little bodies learn how to fight off certain germs it becomes much stronger.

  3. Social Interaction – This is an important one!  Children need to be around other kids to learn what is socially acceptable.  It also helps them learn how to share and even practice some early empathy.  Kids can thrive in this learning environment.

  4. Easy Transition Into School – When babies/kids have a specific daily wakeup time they can transition into school so much easier.  Once they know what to expect and that there is a time to go to see your friends and a time to go home, they’re that much more advanced than other kids.  This will make that dreaded “first day” of school easy peasy.

  5. Parent Involvement – Parents that interact with the daycare and schools will help their child immensely.  If a child has a special day at daycare it’s so nice to see Mom or Dad stay involved with what their baby is up to.  It certainly makes that little one feel special.

Lot’s of Skills To Learn

There are many more benefits when it comes to daycare and routines, but these are the most important ones I wanted to touch on.  Instead of making “daycare” a bad word or looking down on a Mama for using one, let’s make it completely acceptable.  Heck, let’s pat her on the back and tell her what a great job she must be doing!

Please understand I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone that can stay home with their children.  That’s awesome!  However, if you need to employ a daycare to take good care of your baby, there’s nothing wrong with that decision.  This post is all about the benefits of that exact decision because it’s a personal one that each and every parent has to make for their own family.  I used one for my children and I’m glad that I did.  This may be why I love daycares as much as I do.

Finding A Quality Educational Daycare

If you do decide that a daycare is the right way for you to go, please make sure it’s a quality, educational one.  You don’t want to just send your little ones somewhere and not learn anything!  Daycares have so much to teach kids even little infants.  They can benefit so much from the daily routine and the same people interacting with them. Wee Wons Daycare & Preschool for example providers high level education of degreed and certified teachers, and have been awarded the highest educational accreditation in the state of Pennsylvania.

Children learn to recognize the people that they come into contact with, which is why it’s so important to use a daycare.  They will get to know and love the staff.  This isn’t someone that just comes in once in a while to babysit.  These are daily interactions that will give your little one a complete sense of self and security.  Of course they get that from their parents, but they need a substitute when Mom and Dad aren’t there.

Children will not only receive a sense of security, but they’ll also learn new skills that they won’t at home.  These skills all come from playing with staff and other children in the daycare.  Honestly, the benefits are priceless!  Not to mention Mom and Dad can finally have a bit of a break.  We all need that from time to time, am I right?!

Enjoy your little one and do what’s best for them!

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